Black Republicans, a history.


My opinion piece in the Boston Globe this morning.

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One comment on “Black Republicans, a history.
  1. Michael joachim says:

    Joel, liked your piece in the Boston Globe today, you made some valid points in a complicated subject in a very short space. I would like to offer some others, though. As a yound white make growing up in the 1960s high school in the 70s, I was horrified and angered to see the treatment of blacks in the south. George Wallace, the local officials in Selma, the nightly news regularly brought the same stories. And off of these politicians were Democrats. I couldn’t belong to that group and became a republican. It was later that I learned that after republican Lincoln freed the slaves and won the war, the most devout racists became and stayed Democrats out of spite. Only when jfk and the northern Democrats began working on civil rights did all of these bigots leave the democratic party and become Republicans out of anger at the dems, not because they related to the party.

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