Strange Fruit: A Graphic Book, by Joel Christian Gill.

Kind words. Thanks! Already working on stories of women. Anyway cacti and mesas are so much more fun to draw than rolling hills!

Me, you, and books

Strange Fruit, Volume I: Uncelebrated Narratives from Black History, A Graphic Book, by Joel Christian Gill.   Fulcrum Publishing (2014), Paperback, 176 pages

An engaging graphic book about ten little known African American men from the past which could easily have been much better.

This is a book that will probably appeal to many readers, especially in school libraries. It will give them a taste of what black men have achieved in our history and what they have sometimes had to endure. The title is taken from a famous Billie Holiday song about lynching, although the book is more about pride than pain.

Joel Gill is a talented artist and his graphics for this book are often impressive. I particularly liked his images of Henry Box Brown in the box which he used to escape slavery and the crows, Jim Crows, that attacked some of the characters. I got a…

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3 comments on “Strange Fruit: A Graphic Book, by Joel Christian Gill.
  1. mdbrady says:

    You have real talent, and I am glad you are working on this project. And on including black women next time.

    • Thank you. My next book, another series, will be a solo story specifically about Bass Reeves called Tales of The Talented Tenth. Then another solo story about Bessie Springfield a female adventurer motorcyclist. After that there will be SFVII with Blind Tom Wiggins, Cathay Willams, Stagecoach Mary Fields and others. I hope you read those as well.

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