More Black Conservatives…..yes there are more than 4.

As always between long post I have been really busy. I have been making stuff, reading stuff, and teaching stuff. Stuff I have been reading is Kate or Die. If you haven’t seen her stuff you really should take a look. She has a great sense of humor and style. She had a live chat last Friday and because I follow her I thought I would ask a question about a comic she drew. In her bisexuality comic she says that people should be left alone to choose their own sexual preference (paraphrase. I fully agree, however, the way it was written left open the possibility of those nut jobs that think pedophilia is a sexual preference. During the live chat I asked her what she thought about that. This is where letters on a screen fail. I may have worded it wrong because Kate and everyone on the chat thought it was a ridiculous question. I did apologize on the chat and sent her an email apology. I think her comic does leave the question open. Read it and tell me what you think. Anyway, her work is fantastic so follow her and buy her books.
I have been drawing StrangeFruit 5 to get ready for MOCCA it is (early I know). I have also been working on the Black Conservative Trading Cards. Seeing how Herman Cain has been in the news lately I thought it might be the opportune time to pile on the Cain bandwagon. Below is the new card design for the BCTC.

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