MICE, the Business of Con Selling and Star Parker

MICE was a fantastic show! I really enjoyed seeing all the small press people and taking a few minutes to speak to some people which I never really do because I am so busy selling stuff. Speaking, of selling things all my cartoonist friends (most of whom are better than me) have trouble out selling me at cons. So if any one who reads this here are a few tips.
1. Talk to everyone, even if they are a Republican Presidential Candidate and you sell a comic about that how horrible a person the Republican Candidate is, try and sell it to him. The the best way to sell is to think that everyone wants to buy your stuff.
2. Don’t put giveaways on the front of your table. Keep it in the back. and hand it out to them if they like your stuff. That goes for business cards and all. If they can take away something for free they will and that let’s them off the hook. So they won’t buy.
3. Make deals. I will give you all three for 8 instead of 9. Or throw in the stuff you were going to give away for free. Free is the hook if you don’t believe me act now and i will throw in…..I think you get the picture.
4. If you have a nice conversation with some one that has no money give them a book, Or something. They may just come back next time.
5. Last, alway steer the conversation back to what you are selling.
Now it is back to the grind. I am going to work on my Black History Anthology, Alkehine’s Gun and more Black Conservative trading cards. I will keep posting my progress. Here is a peek at Series Two of the BC Cards. I am still on the fence with this card I really do not like the “B” but I will keep working.

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3 comments on “MICE, the Business of Con Selling and Star Parker
  1. Dan says:

    Yeah, that's the stuff, Joel — good tips! I like the new card design too… reminds me of when I was a kid and the new season's baseball card designs came out, always kind of mind-blowing!

  2. Ha! I feel like all of these tips were written with me specifically in mind!

  3. Joel C. GIll says:

    They were Jesse lol. Thanks Dan!

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