SPX, MICE, and Messing with Craig Thompson

SPX was awesome! I met some fantastic people and I sold lots of Comics and Black Conservative Trading Cards. I was interviewed on Comics Forge.I have been busy making stuff these last few week and I just came back from seeing Craig Thompson for a second time this month. The first time I saw him at SPX in the lobby of the Hotel. He was standing with a crowd around him right after the Ignatz Award ceremony. I turned to some people from the Boston Comics Round Table(Shelli Paroline, Braden Lamb, Cathy Leamy, Erik Huemiller, and Jesse Lonergan) and said. “I am going to go F@#K with Craig Thompson.” I went over to him and in a very menacing tone said,”You the guy that drew the prophet?” He threw his hands up and said something to the effect of, “well I…” At that point I said, ” I am just F@#king with you, man!” He laughed and was gracious. He asked me my name and I told him that I was going to bring my daughter to see him in Cambridge at the Harvard Book Store. He said that was great, and he look forward to seeing me there. So that is where Aerial ( my beautiful and delightful daughter) and I just came back from, where I once again asked him about drawing the Prophet. He was happy to answer the question in regards to how it might offend some Muslims. He was a very nice guy and I look forward to meeting him again soon. I now have my very own copy of Habibi. In other news, I put together another mini called A Comic about Black People you can read it in full here and get a copy of this four page comedy master piece at MICE (Massachusetts Independent Comics Exposition) More info on that here. Where you will also be able to pick up screen prints done by me of the posters for the show (I did not create the art I just did the grunt work). Don’t forget to come buy my table (misspelling deliberate) where you could be the last one to own a pack of Black Conservative Trading Cards Series there are only 15 packs left. I am working on series two right now along with a poster project that I call a Spike Lee joint, and Theophilius Thompson story for strange Fruit 5. I am going to be busy!

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