Getting ready for SPX.

I have been finalizing my plans for SPX and getting ready to take the trip south with Jesse Lonergan and Erik Heumiller. I have a lot of Black Conservative trading cards to sell as well as StrangeFruit 1, 2, 3, and the latest StrangeFruit 4. I am currently looking up information on my next series of Black Conservative Trading cards and I have found some interesting folks. I found a women who, as an adult, spent 7 years on welfare had 4 abortions and now wants to do away with welfare and abortions!!??!! And then there is this guy, I think I will make him a superhero called Captain Impeachment. He said that Obama raising the debt ceiling was an impeachable offense. Are we reading the same constitution? Those kooky Conservatives!! Here is my sketchbook drawing of him.

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One comment on “Getting ready for SPX.
  1. Dale says:

    wait… people actually *read* the constitution? Does this constitution actually exist? I was starting to think it was a legend that politicians like to reference to make people think they have strong arguments. For example, “The Constitution guarantees our rights to post hilarious cat videos on government websites!” or “Body Scanners in Airports?! Haven't you ever even skimmed the constitution?”

    Anyway, well done on the card and good luck at SPX

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