The past 30 Days

I have been working very hard these last 30 days. I have gotten a lot done. I did a few more vector heros ( I will post those later BTW Captain America was awesome) I taught some talented high school students how to draw, make mini comics and silk screen a entire comic. The latter was just in little over 36 hours. The students and I, in NH Art Allstate, made a color 16 page silk screen comic book. All while also drawing about 10 pages of Richard Potter, finishing a 4 color Print of Wonder Women, reading a few books( The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo Trilogy, A Song of Ice and Fire: A Feast For The Crows, to name a few) and writing cirriculum for the Foundations Department at The New Hampshire Institute of Art. I have about 3 or 4 pages to go before penciling is done on Potter, but I have some colored pages to show. No words yet becauseI am waiting to finishh them all and write it all up at once but until then here is page 2,3,4 with coloring done. I will post more Vector Heros later this week..I am considering doing Dany from ASOIAF. Stay tuned.

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