Good Reading

I have been hard at work making some interesting things. Below you can see one of my 2 page spreads for InBound 5 The Food Issue. My story, in the latest Boston Comics Roundtable Anthology, is in black and white but I usually print them in for StrangeFruit in color, and both Lil’ Nino Brown in Slumland stories will be reprinted in Strange Fruit 3 and 4 coming out in the spring and fall of next year. I have been working on the The Ragbox a project by Boston Comics Roundtable Founder Dave Kender and you all know that I worked on a little thing called HellBound. I have recently turned over all the financial and sales responsibility of Hellbound to Roho ( T-shirts designed by me and the Mass Market edition can be purchased here). So now I am able to work on my own work for a while. Here are some images that I have been working on.

I recently read a few good books including Mark Twain’s Autobiography, The Color Purple, The Walking Dead Series, and a random assortment of minis and anthologies from Tugboat press’ PaperCutter Comic Anthology to King Cat by John Porcellino and Julia Gfrörer’s Flesh and Bone. All of which I would suggest you pick up. These are all great stories, however I would say that if you pick up The Walking Dead I would suggest that you understand that the book is really about people and not zombies, so much so that I think that the people in the new world of The Walking Dead is scarier than the Zombies, much scarier. That book (and The Color Purple for that matter) shows that there is no limit to the depth of human depravity and in the face of that, these is no limit to the human spirit’s will to survive. I hope to make stories that are that interesting. Hope to see you back here in a week.

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