Inbound 5

I am in another anthology! Inbound 5 The Food Issue, see it here and if you are in Cambridge go to the Atomic Bean Cafe and see some of the original art from the book. The Anthology InBound 5 The Food Issue is the latest installment from the Boston Comics Roundtable’s Anthology. I was in Inbound 4: A Comic Book History of Boston. which was a huge success, this one is moving along in the same direction. My stories are based on my parody of Windsor Mccay’s Little Nemo in Slumberland called Lil’ Nino Brown in Slumland. Go check it out, buy a copy or 20 and go see the show. Here is what one of the editors Dave Kender suggested that I write:
1. Inbound #5 is now in Boston area book stores and comics shops
2. Inbound #5 is now available for purchase online (same link as above)
3. The Boston Comics Roundtable will be making appearances at a number of holiday events this season see a calander at
/ Inbound #5 will be on sale at all these shows, as well as dozens of other
great comics from local creators.
4. Inbound #5 makes a great holiday gift, especially for food lovers or readers.
My name is Joel Christian Gill and I approve this message.

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