So there was a second Matrix…

First let me say that i am about to be published in Inbound 4 an anthology of Boston History you can pre- order it here So as I try to get this whole digital art thing down I realized that I really need to just use the stuff that I am interested in as inspiration. So I thought that I would start with the Matrix. Now, I won’t go into the merits, or lack thereof, of the movies. I will just stick to the really interesting characters and imagery. When the first movie came out I was hooked and I remember that the bandwith on my computer was to slow to see the extended trailer when Neo fought the Agent Smiths in the playground. But that scene stuck in my head for a couple of years as I waited with baited breath for the next movie.
So the other night I did a drawing of Alex Longstreth (he was a visiting artist at my school and gave a FANTASTIC lecture) and I thought that it was o.k. I have done other drawings in Illustrator but I have never really spent any time on thm maybe 30 or 40 hours total. So I was thinking of the art of Samurai Jack and decided to do a Martix type thing. I got this thought in my head that I drew in Photoshop based on the fight in the playground:

I then imported it into Illustrator and built it with shape then I used the pen tool to alter the shapes and the end result is this:

I am going to do Trinity on a motorcycle next.

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