The Last Few Weeks

I have been working alot the last few weeks. I went to NYC twice, I saw the Claus OldenBerg Show and the Francis Bacon Show at the Whitney and the MET respectively ( Francis Bacon is possible the greatest figure painter of the 20th century). And I also went to MoCCA where I met lots of great cartoonist ( my first ever comic convention!). I also have been going to the Boston Comic Round Table, a group of cartoonist in Boston, which has made me want to make more and more work. I have made some stuff over the last few weeks, and I have done alot of drawing, what iIhave here is the thumbnails for a parody of Little Nemo in Slumberland and the drawings attached. I am currently drawing a another Strange Fruit Story about the first Black Professional Basketball Player for my book and BCR upcoming anthology INbound 4 , more on that to come. ( I intentionally colored Lil’ Nino Brown to make it look like old style dot matrix color comics, and I also shifted the black line to make it seem like it was a little off registration). Tell me what you think.

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