Two years ago I was lost as a painter and I had trouble finding my voice. I was teaching at a few colleges as a adjunct, and   I was also working part time as a caricature artist; as I had for some 12 years or so. One night I was working at a all night prom party drawing caricatures and someone asked me if i had ever drawn comics. Now, this was a question that I had been asked a number of times over the previous 12 years by caricature subjects. I said no I could never do that, it takes so long and besides it was not the “fine art” that I had learned getting my MFA. At the end of the night I looked at the number of drawing I had done in a four hour stretch, (which typical could number about 40 or so) and I thought that I could really do that,  I could make a comic. I had stories, like most I started drawing superheros of all kinds when I was a kid but that stopped. But I had stories that I had written down ( with words and everything!) so I read every book on comics I could find and I started with the stories that I already had.  That was about 2 years ago and I am about 30 pages into a book that I call Dandelion. It is mostlty posted on my website more on Dandelions to come.

 A year or so ago I was reading some online comics and ran across a guy called Box Brown, I liked his work and thought I should google him to find more work. Little did I know Box Brown was a slave in Virginia, who mailed himself to freedom in a Box. Now I wasn’t sure but I thought that Box Brown I was looking for was a white guy and while he is in the Philly area  I did not think he got there in a box. So I emailed him and asked him about his name he explained that he (Brian) was shaped like a Box and that was a named he picked up. He told me that at some point might do a comic about Henry “Box”  Brown I said maybe I will beat you to it. A few weeks ago during a lag in Dandelions I thought no time like the present so I started sketching:  

And here is the outcome:

This was drawn with a ColErase Blue  pencil,  inked with a Pentel pocket brush and lettered and colored in Photoshop. There are about 6 or so pages in all I will post more as I finish. Tell me what you think. 

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2 comments on “
  1. Jeska Bee says:

    I really like Henry 😀

  2. You’ve gotten better and better through all these years…I like this comic of yours !!*daps*

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