Today’s schedule.

First stop lecture at Google.
Then WBUR 90.9 interview Radio Boston. Then Harvard Book Store signing tonight at 7pm. #busy

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Me on a webcam

Me on a webcam

HuffPost was fun.

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Huffpost live

Tomorrow at 1:40pm I will be on HuffpostLive. Stop on by. Tweet me a question @jcg007.

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Strange Fruit Review

Qiana Whitted wrote a great article on Strange Fruit. It made me really think about my work. Don’t forget, if you are in NYC I will be at Bluestockings tonight but before that I will be signing books at BEA booth 1111 at 2:30.

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Book Expo America

I will be at BEA and Bluestocking books this weekend. If you can make it I hope to see you there.


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Maya Angelou

Quick sketch in her honor.


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Uncelebrated Narratives and Uncelebrated Uncelebrated Narratives

I figured I should do a little explaining.
Strange Fruit happened organically. The first story happen as I met a cartoonist named Box Brown and started googling his name and discovered Henry Box Brown. After I drew that stories people began to tell me about other uncelebrated narratives. As people told me about the stories I began to collect them into this first volume. Now you might know that there are uncelebrated narratives and there are uncelebrated uncelebrated narratives. Stories about women, differently able, and people in the queer community make up the latter. Now when I began to look on my own, I specifically sought out stories of women and others. Low and behold there are some great ones!! Among those included in Strange Fruit Vol 2 and Tales of a the Talented Tenth Vol 2 are Bessie Stringfield, Mary Bowser and Cathay Williams just to name a few. Bessie Stringfield will be the subject of Vol 2 of Tales of The Talented Tenth. So don’t worry people the uncelebrated uncelebrated stories are on there way.

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